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How To Transform A Room With 3 Simple And Inexpensive Tricks

How To Transform A Room With 3 Simple And Inexpensive Tricks

Do you ever feel stuck when it comes to decorating your house? Lately, I’ve been experimenting with inexpensive ways to transform a room. It’s important to stay away from the ‘full makeover’ mindset and start small with statement pieces you may already have around the house.

It’s been scientifically proven that room design affects moods and productivity (I can’t work in my office unless everything is put away). However, it can be hard to design a space you love with personal touches when you’re renting or planning on selling soon. Today’s post is all about simplicity — we’re focusing on inexpensive and non-permanent tricks that will transform an entire room so you can enjoy it while you’re there and get the biggest bang for your buck when it’s time to move on.


The kitchen is one of my favorite areas of the house for obvious reasons. While I have a wishlist of renovation projects, they’ll take years to accomplish. In the meantime, to dress up and add some color to my space, I picked up an inexpensive carpet and positioned it directly under the table. It has totally transformed the entire look of the kitchen and takes the spotlight off some of my not-so-favorite areas. Check out the post here to see the results! I plan to change it out seasonally to keep things interesting. The best part about a rug is that you can take it with you when you go!


2018, I’d like you to meet peel and stick wallpaper. Oh, how far wallpaper has come– and we’re using that term loosely since you can now peel and stick an entire backsplash!. One of my favorite tricks — a statement wall. Renters, it’s fine! It peels off without a trace of residue, and it transforms your entire space. There are thousands of options because the wallpaper trend is at an all-time high (seriously). Here’s an example of my baby’s room — I chose a watercolor floral print and it turned out beautifully. Go for a statement wall or paper your entire apartment! You’ll have a sleek, modern, and perfectly you space in no time.


Whether you’re looking to transform the bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom — Adding simple details like the hardware will take your space to another level. If your place requires the hardware to remain, you can simply switch back before handing in the keys. Wayfair is one of my favorite places to shop for all things home. Whether you’re replacing a simple knob on your bedside table with something a bit more elegant or swapping out the entire kitchen, there are endless options!



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